A Deadly Bluff
A Deadly Bluff
A Dana Madison Mystery
When a body is found in a sacred place …
the blood is as fresh as today’s headlines …
The President thinks it’s murder, but is it? And why did he pick Ranger Dana Madison to investigate? She had a perfectly good life in Yosemite National Park, now she’s leading a slapped-together team that needs constant adult supervision.
In this new National Park mystery, a reluctant Madison must find answers deep in the Rocky Mountains, where the twisted landscape matches the complexity of the case. Is there a connection to Native-American tribes? Teddy Roosevelt? Or worse, a link to her last homicide case, a murder that still haunts her? And will she discover who really controls our national treasures?
Pick up this fast-paced mystery by Kathleen Concannon today!
Dana Madison is a great lead character. She is inquisitive, complex, passionate about nature and national parks, and flawed. Ms. Madison pulls us into national parks and tells us why Theodore Roosevelt established them 100 years ago. She explores the environment in and around a national park while solving a mysterious murder. This book was a page turner. Let’s hope there are more Dana Madison mysteries soon. —Sally Long. Loved this well-written book! The main character (Ranger Dana Madison) is engaging, funny, flawed, a real human conflicted about the choices she has made in her life. The author weaves Teddy Roosevelt, Native-American history, and beautiful descriptions of the landscape into a recent murder case. It’s a page turner, but she also gives us a fascinating historical perspective, and I found myself thinking about current threats to our park system. Highly recommend it. —Debi Dereiko Gem of a Book: This environmental thriller was both enjoyable and thought-provoking. Read half on kindle, couldn’t wait, and half in print. The plot was intriguing, arcs through history, and current politics, but just what we need to know. The characters were subtle and realistic- refreshing to follow ranger/detective Dana Madison, a matter-of-fact woman with a wry sense of humor, navigating in traditionally male worlds, but with a big heart. I chose 4 stars here because I just wanted more of her (and Mobley), her back story and the mystery of Imelda are never quite elucidated- hopefully they will be in the next book? Large forces are at play. What is most memorable to me is how the author weaves the natural park setting into the story, puts us right there. Rocks, wind, and water are all characters… —Linda Sladek