A Student's Guide to Surviving Facebook after College
A Student’s Guide to Surviving Facebook after College
By Joshua Waldman, author of “Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies”
Most jobs come from the people you know, people in your inner circle. Sure, LinkedIn is great for professional networking, but nothing beats the power of Facebook when it comes to making strong personal connections.
In fact, Facebook has been the root of millions of jobs in the US alone. This book takes the reader down a clear strategy for using Facebook for professional networking while still having fun.
A Student’s Guide to Surviving Facebook After College: Joshua has an artful way of explaining how you can maximize your Facebook presence to land your dream job. He offers great tips, practices, apps and privacy tips…. a must read for every job seeker! —Jennifer Frank,MA,CRC – Career Transitions/Career Coach and Consultant A must-read Facebook guide for graduates and beyond! Joshua has done a fantastic job here talking about the monster (in a good and bad way!) that is Facebook. I did not have to worry about this when I was leaving college but I wanted to read it to learn more about Facebook and I already found a golden nugget a few pages in about Restricted settings as you add people to your network. I consider myself fairly intelligent but I must say, Facebook needs to come with a guide and a map. I love the sense of humor Joshua uses as he breaks down all the components of Facebook and teaches you how to be SMART, professional and savvy in your use of this social media magnet. This is a necessary and quick read packed with information that you will spend hours learning on your own. Great investment. Excellent value. Thank you Joshua! —Farnoosh Brock