Jonathan Eaton
Jonathan grew up in Texas in the 20th century and moved to Oregon in the 21st century, where he writes about life on the frontiers of the 19th and 25th centuries. He is married to percussionist Cyndi Lewis and has a cat named Sherman. As The Space Wrangler, he amuses Facebook friends with drawings and flash-fiction. What you see in the photo there is a ten-years-younger (my how the time just flies!) Jonathan wearing his fave Oregon hoodie over his fave University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) Shirt.
(Mostly) Jonathan’s Short Stories
Jonathan’s Novels
A Good Man for an Outlaw: A dead outlaw tells a tale of murder and revenge on the Texas frontier. Outlaws and Worse: Deputy Marshal Vincent Hayes stood alone against 300 bloodthirsty outlaws down on Brushy Bottom Creek and prevailed. Now he just wants to get back home to his pregnant wife—and that’s going to be the hard part. The Prairie Martian: Is she a human, a Martian, or an artificially intelligent killing machine? Only her spaceship knows for sure. Metal Man of the Prairie: The totally unanticipated sequel to The Prairie Martian. Westfall Ramos is going to save the world—but which one?
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