Packer and Jack
A style that’s rich and relaxed with appropriate drama and empathy, as well as a bizarre, heart-breaking sort of comedy. Raelee May Carpenter
Packer and Jack reminds us that transformation of spirit can occur with dignity, integrity, and love, without one’s world morphing into a more culturally acceptable form. Dawn Carol
I found the book quite hard to put down as I was so moved by the characters’ tragic pasts and hoping for something positive in their future. This is what I consider a “thinking” novel and I would recommend it to people that enjoy character driven novels. kk.ausbooks
I felt the true power of every kind of love and friendship. Wonderfully written, with humor and heart, it’s a must read. Kathleen Concannon
Packer and Jack
LA isn’t the easiest city in which to find goodness in humanity, and the six square downtown blocks Packer and Jack call home aren’t the most friendly. Packer never had much choice. Jack, wanting only to maintain the status quo, learned to hide in plain sight dressed as a man.
Each character narrates alternating chapters revealing secrets, strategies, past pain, true goodness, and, love. Most of us never suffer lives of such extreme trial, though the lessons of understanding and acceptance that permit both Packer and Jack to let go and grow, these are universal.