A Good Man for an Outlaw
Great writing from a new, strong voice!
If you love Larry McMurtry’s books, you’ll love this book. If you loved “No Country for Old Men,” but wished that Cormac McCarthy had more of a sense of humor, you’ll love this book. The story has all the elements I look for in a western: crusty and flawed cowboys and storekeepers, strong women with agendas both loving and devious, and tough moral choices in a tougher landscape. Deputy Marshal Vincent Hayes is a reluctant hero, skillfully written. Our ghostly narrator, Sherman, gives a unique perspective on the action and characters. A pleasure to read, I admired how this author used humor and creative language to tell this compelling story. –Kathleen Concannon, author of A Deadly Bluff
A Good Man for an Outlaw
When recently deceased outlaw Sherman Harwood can’t find his way to the afterlife, he takes it upon himself to “attend” to Deputy Marshal Vincent Hayes, a lawman investigating a brutal double murder on a settlement out on Chicken Neck Creek. As Hayes finds himself pitted against a family bent on vengeance, a city marshal with political ambitions, and a wily widow with plans of her own, Sherman (who knows a thing or two about the killings) gives us an outlaw’s take on loyalty and justice, and life and death, on the Texas frontier.

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